Our lives are so influenced by technology today that it is important that the children are scientifically and technologically literate. The school has two computer labs with more than 50 computers in each. The school follows the CBSE syllabus for Information Technology to keep our children ahead in this IT-enabled world.

The hi-tech computer lab make the students tech-savvy and keeps them abreast with the latest techniques & that teaches not just computer as a subject, but also, the integration of computer skills for learning of other subjects in the curriculum.

Students are given training on advanced software like MS-Office, Flash, Web Designing, Visual Basic, Oracle etc. Junior students also take hands-on experience on computers by working on wallpapers, screen savers, paint, Logo, Notepad, Calculator etc. Apart from these, computers are also used as a knowledge imparting tool to teach various subjects to students using multimedia CDs.